If your house is more than 30 years old it might need rewiring. A rewire
won't interrupt your life: you'll have power after work hours and we'll
clean up after ourselves as we go.

We can rewire a standard home in around a week. Two-storey houses
aren't a problem and we're the experts when it comes to houses with
limited access. Ask us about our dust-free wall chasing service.

A full rewire provides the following:
Mains and switchboard upgrade
Earthing system upgrade
Replacement of power outlets and switches
Replacement of light fittings, batten holders
Removal and disposal of all old wiring and fittings

Renovations and repairs
Let us design and install a new electrical system for your whole house
or for your renovation. This is the best time to consider getting extra
outlets for power, light, phone or broadband.